Corporate and Public Events

 Corporate events  require companies to make the most of every dollar spent. Whether it is a  party to reward your employees, a classic car show, a craft show, or  charity fundraiser, Time Warp Mobile DJ can help make your event a  success. 

DJ Entertainment for Corporate and Public Events

 Time Warp Mobile DJ provides a complete package of dinner music, announcements and dance music to complement your party.

Dinner Music-Volume Sensitive
The  food will taste better when they are listening to great background  dinner music.  Time Warp has a large selection of easy-listening titles  from big band to jazz to adult contemporary. Volume control ensures the  guests are able to socialize.

Coordination and Managing Your Event
I  am experienced in the management of events such as reverse raffles.   Announcement of door prizes and events allows even the organizers to  relax and enjoy themselves.  A wireless microphone makes speaking more  comfortable for a few memorable words.

Extensive Music Selection
Dance  music from all eras helps put all ages at ease and fills the dance  floor.  Fun activities are available to involve your company leaders and  employees.  You want them to get the most entertainment from this event

Seasonal Parties
For  those holiday parties a large library of seasonal music puts everyone  in the Christmas spirit. You will want to add other enjoyable music to  the mix also. I can supply trivia games to help break the ice and add to  the fun.

Time Warp Mobile DJ
Time Warp Mobile DJ