Planning a party?

Class  reunions, anniversaries, and birthday parties are the times when you  gather the people who mean the most to you.  Your classmates, good  friends, and family are there to celebrate and share memories. 

DJ Entertainment for Reunions, Parties and Anniversaries


Whether  you are planning a class reunion, a 50th wedding anniversary, a 40th  birthday party, a New Year's Eve party or a backyard Luau, Time Warp  Mobile DJ can provide the entertainment to make it a memorable event.

The Music You Remember
Music  from the special times in your lives plays in the background during  dinner and socializing. You may have a special theme that requires  certain music to set the tone of the party. I have just the music ready  to meet your needs.

Historical  bits of trivia add to the fun as you play “remember when…”  I will  bring selections of trivia and fun facts from the specific time period  you are celebrating.

New Memories
Create  new memories as you renew your friendships or celebrate with family.  Dance the night away to those old favorites from your high school prom  or your wedding.


Teen Activities

Today’s young people have a wide variety of tastes in music.  I  maintain an extensive collection of music including current popular  titles, Rap, Hip Hop, Alternative, R&B, and Rock hits along with  returning popularity of  the 70's, 80’s. and 90’s hits.  I tailor the  selections to the specific group I'm entertaining.  I play a select  mixture of fast songs and the romantic slow songs.

Balance—that’s  what is required to ensure young people have fun, but inappropriate  lyrics are avoided.  I can provide current music with edited lyrics.  I  also filter requests to provide only those songs suitable to the event.   Someone always asks for a song that cannot be played in this  situation.  I handle these requests with humor, but authority.